4 Ways to Get Organized During Quarantine

4 Ways to Get Organized During Quarantine

  1. Throw away unneeded items

A lot of us, especially entrepreneurs have “I may need that one-day syndrome”.  That’s basically feeling like you don’t want to throw away anything because you feel like you will need it one day, regardless of how old the items are. When organizing our offices, we automatically think about using file cabinets to organize the documents we have. Although file cabinets are a great way to store documents it still defeats the purpose if you have documentation that is no longer valid or needed. If you have “I may need that one-day syndrome” set a document retention date, which means you will archive or get rid of documents after a certain time frame. Which leads me to the next way of getting organized…

  1. Invest in a cloud-based system

It’s time to get rid of the clutter. If you are someone who doesn’t want to get rid of things a cloud-based system is certainly for you. All you need to do is scan your documents to your computer and store them to a cloud-based system. You will be able to access your documents from anywhere at any time, even on your smartphone. There are several free cloud-based services such as google docs, drop box, box, and many more. Cloud based services can save you the time of sifting through old files and will allow you to keep the documents that you don’t want to throw away without creating clutter. Cloud services have an organized folder structure which better helps you navigate through hundreds of documents. 

  1. Create a project plan

Creating a project plan is one of the best things I decided to do. A project plan is a great way to organize and manage large projects. Imagine how much more organized you would be if you have a plan in place with a timeline that tells you when to do what, in order to stay on track to meet goals and deadlines.  There are several different project plan templates online, search around and find which one is best for you. 

  1. Utilizing online calendar and scheduling systems

Online scheduling systems have the ability to link to online calendars. I have found that this is a great way for me to stay organized when managing clients. It is difficult to stay organized when you have no idea what is on your schedule on a week by week basis. We have become accustomed to desk calendars, which still work however a desk calendar cannot go with you everywhere. There are many online scheduling systems that sync to google calendar, yahoo, outlook, etc. If someone wants to meet with you, you simply send them a link to your scheduler and the scheduler will only allow them to book time with you when you are available. This alleviates you from the back and forth communication trying to figure out who is available and when. This option works great for parents, students, and people who are generally very busy. 

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