Anna Jensen

Name: Anna Jensen

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Seeds By: Anna Jensen

I became a Christian about 30 years ago, after attending a church youth meeting in a town local to my home in Cornwall, England. I grew up in a church-going family, but it wasn’t until I reached my teens that I realised I needed to decide for myself what I really believed about all things God. I gave myself a year to read and study and do whatever came my way to discover all I could about the Christian life; at the end of the year, I would make my decision, either for or against.

I chuckle at God’s response to my thinking! He is always keener to rescue and save us than we are to admit our need. His love will pursue and overtake us, he will stop us in our tracks and overwhelm us with his grace, often when we least expect it. 

That’s certainly what happened to me. I tagged along to that youth meeting, expecting nothing special. Only to find myself completely undone, washed in waves of love that convicted me of all my horrible attitudes and behaviours whilst simultaneously being held and treasured. A friend asked if she could pray with me, and amidst all the tears and snuffles, I accepted Jesus wholeheartedly. So much for my year of exploration – this was a mere two months in!

I have lived with Jesus by my side ever since. Early on I determined to be more than a ‘Sunday morning’ Christian, more than just someone who warmed the seats in a church service. That commitment has led me through many adventures. I now live in South Africa, where for several years my husband and I led a church local to our area. A couple of years ago, I felt prompted to start writing, and my first book ‘The Outskirts of His Glory’ was published in May 2019. 

Over the last year, I have been asked to speak at several ladies’ meetings and I have a regular slot on a local Christian radio station. I write blog posts and articles for a variety of international sites and magazines. And yet through it all, this remains constant – Jesus is the lover of my soul, my saviour, my rescuer. He is my fortress and strong tower. He holds me and overwhelms me with his love.

Thirty years ago I had no idea where those tears and prayers would take me. But I’m so glad I took those first few steps to the front of a church hall in Cornwall, steps that have taken me on the journey of a lifetime. How about you take just a couple of steps towards Jesus, even today?