Can Your Friends Be Your Business Partners?

Can your friends be your business partners? 

So, this new Kevin Hart documentary fueled an ongoing discussion about going into business with friends or working with your friends…if you have seen the documentary I highly suggest you watch it! He is very transparent about his life but the best part of the documentary to me was seeing how Kevin saw talent in his friends and helped put his friends in places where they would succeed. 

I have heard many debates about this question…I’ve also heard responses that were pretty straight forward. Most of the time, people say they will absolutely NOT go into business or do business with their friends. I’ve heard a ton of reasons why, such as…

  • If something happens our friendship will be ruined
  • We may not agree on things
  • It’s hard to separate business and pleasure
  • People are hard to work with with you have a personal relationship with them

I’ve heard lots of reasons why people wont work with their friends but I haven’t particularly heard many reasons why someone would work with their friends…for me personally I understand why some people say they wouldn’t be business partners with their friends…I do! There are some people I wouldn’t go into business with either…

However, I would 100% without a shadow of a doubt go into business with my 2 best friends, we are the dream team! Actually we have officially, unofficially already gone into business together lol

Between the three of us we literally have everything that it takes to own and operate a multi billion dollar corporation and this is not an exaggeration by no means. I literally envision us all owning our own businesses but utilizing one another’s services to reach our full potential. Between the three of us we have marketing, event planning, public relations, business consulting, clothing lines, nonprofit organizations, IT, graphic design, instructional design, and more. Anything we need, we can likely get it done between the three of us. 

When working with friends I’m sure it can be tricky for some people and I’m sure there will be arguments and disagreements at some point along the way but don’t you disagree with people who aren’t your friends too? 

I believe if your friends have the same drive and work ethic as you, your morals and values are the same, you have common goals, and understand respect you will be perfectly fine. In the documentary that Kevin Hart aired on Netflix those common factors were among each one of his friends. Not one of the friends were lazy, they all had their own ventures but still collaborated on some, they treated one another like family and took the time to hash out arguments, etc. Each of them had a known respect for each other and none of them took their friendship or business relationships for granted. 

One thing I will caution is if you are not confident that you and your friends will not work well together, then don’t try it. If you are unsure if you all will work well together try small projects to see how it works and build from there. 

The thing I want you all to takeaway from this is, don’t automatically default to “no I can’t work with my friends.” Think about it first before you say it will never work. 

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