Clear Your Mind of Clutter

Clear Your Mind of Clutter

Let’s break this down!!!

Clear: free of cloud, mist, or rain.

Your: belonging to or associated with any person in general.

Mind: the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought. a person’s mental processes contrasted with physical action. 

Cluttler: a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass.

Crowd (something) untidily; fill with clutter.

So you know sometimes you have to break things down to understand them better….As I was doing my normal brainstorming of blog topics I typically think about topics that I would like to read about, topics that God gives me, or random thoughts. This topic was one of those kind of random thoughts. The thought started with, “since its March, maybe I will talk about spring cleaning” then I quickly went deeper and thought, “what if people cleaned their mind every so often just like they do a spring cleaning. 

Obviously spring only comes once a year, right? However, it’s where most people do a deep clean of their home purging everything from the winter and fall months. Your home is in a bit of a transition period as you’re cleaning. Your home goes from cozy from the winter and fall, to cluttered because you are trying to transition things about, then it’s bright and clean again. 

Think of your mind as going through this same transition. Sometimes we go through things where we feel like life is great! Then we suddenly go through a time of “clutter.” We start to feel like our judgement is clouded, we start to make difficult decisions on whether or not we want to deal with certain things or people, we feel like we don’t want to be bothered with anything, etc. So, during this clutter period your mindset and judgement is clouded. 

At some point you or someone close to you realizes that something isn’t right with your way of thinking during this time, they notice that you aren’t being yourself. Here is where the reality check comes…

REALITY CHECK: when your mind is filled with clutter you cant process or think properly. Clutter can be negativity, hurt, being overwhelmed, unforgiveness, etc. There can be so many reasons why your mind is cluttered but the bottom line is, you aren’t your best self when your mind is cluttered. Your judgement is off….

So, what I want you to do is clear your mind like you spring clean your house. I want you to purge all negative thoughts, unforgiveness you have in your heart, the overwhelming thoughts, the hurt, and anything else you know you need to release. 

Clearing your mind can happen in many ways but the best way that I know how is to…

First, PRAY! Pray and ask God to relieve your mind of any stresses 

Second, begin to thank God for all that you prayed for. Thank God for freeing your mind. One thing that we are masters at is praying without believing that we have already received what we prayed for. We love to pray and doubt…but one way that helps you push through that is to thank God for what you prayed for!

Third, be intentional about your thoughts! Thoughts come, that’s normal and it’s natural, however they don’t have to stay. You have the power and authority to cast down any negative thoughts or any thoughts that are not of God

Clear your mind!

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