Haywood Liggett

Name: Haywood Liggett

FB: Haywood Liggett

IG: @w000d__

  1. The closest I felt to God in my life was….(finish the sentence) 

During the point my life I lost just about everything. It wasn’t until all my plans came crashing down that I realized I needed him. I knew it before, but that’s when my eyes were opened.

  1. If you could thank God for just one incident in your life what would it be and why? 

I could say a lot of things here but, definitely the day I got saved. Without that moment, nothing else matters!

  1. If you could name a turning point in your life with your relationship with God what would it be and why? 

Right before my last year of college through a few crazy turn of events I ended up having to move back in with my dad (who I wasn’t on the best of terms with at the time). 

Before that point I had my whole life pretty much planned out and having to start back a square one was really tough. But having to rebuild with the Lord as the foundation really was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me. Though it took time for me to see it.

Since then, through the Lord’s favor and mercy, I’ve found myself doing things and going places I never dreamed of. I can truly say he knows what’s best and I do not.

  1. What have you learned through your testimony?

Until you FULLY surrender control and give the Lord the keys to your life he can’t do much with it. Unfortunately it’s really hard because you don’t know what he will do.

But take it from me, if you fully trust him and do what his word says. You won’t lose! His word is true, and it will never fail. Whatever you have planned for your life pales in comparison to what he’ll do with it if you do it his way.

  1. Did you face any mental barriers? If so, what were they and how did you overcome them?

Of course, trusting God is always tough on your natural mind. And when you start to step out in faith forreal, even those closest to you might look at you crazy. 

The only way I overcame was by keeping my focus on the word. Paying attention to anything else will almost ensure a tougher battle.

  1. What specific bible verse helped you through? 

Psalms 34:8 “Taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man that trusts in him.”

  1. If there was one thing you would tell yourself 10 years ago what would it be?

Quit chasing the girls and pick the bible up!

  1. Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Don’t live through the experiences of others. Taste the goodness for the Lord for yourself! You won’t regret it.