Heart, Eyes, and Mind!

Sometimes the Lord gives us a word and we aren't really sure why and honestly, we aren't sure who the word is for sometimes. The word below started out as one of those, "I'm not sure if this word is for me or someone else." Well, as time went on a realized this word was for the people of God so, I wanted to share....

Heart, Eyes, Mind ❤️👀🧠

It’s time for us to open our hearts, our eyes, and our minds. I pray that the people of God begin to know and understand that having a heart for God and His people is necessary. We should be reaching out to people on a regular who aren’t on the straight and narrow. Too often we are doing everything but going outside of the church to reach people. If we are suppose to fulfill the great commission and we are suppose to plant seeds and we are suppose to save souls why don’t we evangelize and go outside of the church to reach people? When you have a heart for God and His people you’ll begin to have a strong desire to tell more and more people about Him because you’ll want them to experience God just as you do. 

We must open our eyes, both naturally and spiritually. There are things that happen right before us and because we are paying attention we miss the opportunity to intercede, to pray, to minister, etc. always be vigilant...

Stimulate your mind with the things of God. Get into the word more. Talking to God and building a relationship with Him is just like talking and building with a friend. The only way you’ll know the friend better is by communicating, by learning them, by spending quality time! We set aside times to talk to our friends, we schedule movie dates and weekend outings but we don’t do the same when it comes to God and we wonder why it feels like something is missing. Sometimes we make things complicated that don’t need to be. God is not confusing, He has given us instructions...a detailed manual on how to live life according to His word and so much more. 

Now is the time! Now is the time to check yourself and say self...is my heart in the right place, are my natural and spiritual eyes open, am I reading and studying the word of a God??? If you aren’t doing those things....one of the best thing about God is He is gracious! He is merciful! He is forgiving. It’s never to late too start ❤️