Jennifer Allen

Name: Jennifer Allen

IG: @_beauty.4.ashes

Share Your Story! Tell Us What God Brought You Through

This is my testimony about my latest childbirth experience with my son, who is a month old as of March 21st. . Little MJ is such a beautiful beautiful blessing; I thank God for for blessing me with yet another gift. I thank Him for choosing me to be this little guy’s mother. I thank Him and bless his name for a successful delivery. Now we did have a bit of a scare during time of childbirth, so for one my water broke Friday afternoon at 4:30 while I was at home laying in bed; hadn’t been doing anything strenuous. My last day of work was the 13th of March. so that following Friday is when my water broke while I was lying in bed, and I had never had the experience of naturally having my water break, so I did not know what that felt like. My dad had come into town the 13th; he’d had a dream that he had waited too late to come into town for the birth of MJ, and so when he woke and realized that it was a dream, he immediately packed his stuff and got on the road to drive about 13 and a half hours. My water broke at home, so we I’m laying in bed and I feel what seems to be a Braxton Hicks contraction and immediately after that I felt what was like a gush of fluid. Immediately I yell for my mom and dad; my mother was outside in our backyard so I knew she wasn’t going to hear me. I yell for my dad a second time, he came in and I’m like I need you to come in here cuz I need you to tell me what’s going on- cuz I just felt this gush and I don’t know what it was. Whenn he came he looked and told me it was my water that broke. I got on the phone with my doctor’s office to let them let them know my water just broke. 

I was told to Come on to the hospital, go to admissions and they’ll take it from there. I got checked in, was told to change out of my clothes which was a bit of a process since I was still having discharge of fluid. They placed us in my room, got myself & MJ hooked up to the monitor. I later started to contract- probably every 5 to 7 minutes or so. I originally did not want to have an epidural, but once my contractions started to get a little bit more intense I reconsidered. My dad was escorted out of the room for them to place the epidural. He then came back everything was okay, moving just fine and at some point during the night, the nurse came in check the monitor. During my contractions she realized that the baby’s heart rate was dipping. she made the executive decision to have me try a couple different ways to help regulate it, which in her 20 plus years of experience had worked about 90% of the time I was told. They were not successful for my case, at which point the doctor that was on call came in and she discussed with me that she wanted to try to rotate the baby’s head in hopes that that would put me into active labor so that I can go ahead and deliver naturally. She tried rotating the baby’s head with me in two different positions- while in the second position she did forewarn me that if this technique was not successful then we would have to prepare to do emergency C-section. Me being the optimistic person that I am and with of course the expectation that I’m going to deliver my baby vaginally as I did with my previous two, this would be pretty much a breeze.

To my surprise and at the time my dismay, I received the news that we unfortunately would have to do an emergency C-section. At that time my heart felt like it was broken or at least I was I was definitely hurt and more so disappointed. I think I developed a bit of anxiety and then anticipation started to kick in because I had no idea what to expect, and the fact that I also had at the front of my mind that my baby’s heart is dipping with these contractions, and at this point of course I have my epidural it has already kicked in I can’t even feel these contractions. But I will say that I had true confidence in the team of ladies and probably gentlemen that I had working on our behalf because they moved expeditiously. (Glory to God)! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Within 10 to 15 minutes of making the call of preparing for the emergency C-section, I was on the OR table. I was so cold because I had lost so much blood that even with me having heated blankets laying across my chest, my arms were shaking uncontrollably, that  the blankets were falling off of my arm. With MJ’s heart rate dipping, time was of the essence! Come to find out my placenta, 50% of it, ruptured. That is the baby’s lifeline, that’s their oxygen, so 50% of the placenta ruptured while he was still in the womb. Had they decided to wait much longer to do the C-section, MJ would not be here. I lost a total of 2 liters of blood! I too was in a bit of a panic but more so in a state of worry, because of the high risk of having to receive a blood transfusion.

Now I will say this most importantly, when I got the news that I would have to receive an emergency C-section, even though anxiety was present, even though I was worried, I was a little scared, I still went into prayer. I prayed from the time of receiving that news to the time of me actually having my son taken out of me. I brought God and remembrance of his word I recited his promises to me I just I covered both me and my son while in the midst of just uncertainty. 

I just want to give God the glory and the honor, Who is the Head of our life, because MJ would not have made it if it wasn’t for God keeping him and protecting him. Even undergoing what seemed so routine for those in that profession, I may not have made it especially given the season that we’re in- the covid 19 season. Having to get a blood transfusion during this day, during this time, it would not have gone well. And quite honestly who knows how that would have gone. So I’m really just grateful unto God, I am so thankful unto God for keeping us, for protecting us, for considering us and definitely for loving us in such a way that we are undeserving. AMEN!