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Look Back and Smile By: Nicholas Fullard  

As a young basketball player coming out of high school, I had big dreams and big aspirations. Like most kids growing up, I wanted to play Division I basketball and eventually make it to the pros. However, my senior year in high school came and I didn’t have any Division I scholarship offers. My only options were preparatory school/postgraduate, a junior college, and a few division II universities. 

I ended up settling on a Division II school in Charlotte, NorthCarolina. My time there can be described as really good and really bad at the same time. My team wasn’t very good, I wasn’t performing well in school, and I was homesick almost every day. Life was not the best for me in those times, but I leaned on the Lord. 

I never let go of my dream to play D1 basketball. Even after committing and attending the D2 college, I often contemplated ways of making an escape. I would plead with God in prayer day in and day out for certain things to happen so that I could transfer out. 

I wanted success. I wanted to win. I wanted to play exceptionally well in games, and I wanted to excel in the classroom. I thought to myself, “Man, if this could happen then I could leave” or “If that goes right, I could leave.”These are the things I would pray for constantly. So, when they didn’t happen how I thought, I became frustrated, confused, and sad. 

Was God not hearing my prayers? Did He not want me to leave? To be happy? 

I can recall a specific time very vividly in my mind when I had had a bad game. The season wasn’t going well, we were losing, I wasn’t playing well, and I had just found out about an injury I had suffered. The gravity of the events was too great to bear. 

After the game, I got dressed and went to a chapel that the school had on campus. It wasn’t too far from my dorm and I would often go there to pray. It was a beautiful building open 24/7 for whatever and whenever. 

I walked in there frustrated, angry, and worried about my future. My dream. I asked God why He hadn’t blessed me, why hadn’t He given me the things I asked for. We needed to win, I needed to play well, and I needed to make good grades if I was going to realize my dream. None of that was happening. It brought me to tears. 

Often time I reflect on this moment in times where I think Iknow what I need. Times where I try to tell God what needs to happen for me to get my blessing from Him. Crazy right? We pray for certain things because we think that without them, it won’t happen for us. 

But, God can make a way out of no way. 

I spent two years at that school, I never made the grades, we had losing records both years and I never had a good season. However, I spent my third and fourth years of college playing basketball at a Division I university. Not just any school either, one of the best. 

I didn’t realize it then but now looking back I think on how naive I was. To think that God’s power was limited to my expectations. Ha! Heis truly amazing. 

If I could give one piece of advice from this story. It would be to surrender to God’s will, rather than trying to make your own. Pray that His will may be done, and not to give you what you think your will is. 

Then maybe one day when He comes through for you, which He always does, you can look back on those hard times and just smile.