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Share Your Story! Tell Us What God Brought You Through

Every day I marvel at the gift of God’s salvation. I used to take it for granted but I don’t any longer. I’ve known Jesus as my savior for 35 years now and I look forward to knowing him better the next 35 years, Lord willing. I struggle to grasp the fact that God gives me all the privileges of being his child when I started off life as his enemy. Without his wonderful grace and mercy, I would still be opposing him as I chase every desire of my heart. I am so thankful to be reconciled to Him and able to now live a life of hope and joy. 

The Christian life does start by receiving God’s gift of salvation. Then comes our response: to learn to be humble and to submit to God in every area of our life. Two “simple” words sum this up perfectly: “Yes, Lord.” It turns out they aren’t that simple though! God calls us holy but he also is in the processing of making us holy. Like a child struggles to obey his parents, each of us struggles to give up the control we crave and really bow our knees before God. 

God knows the real me. He knows I struggle but I do desire to obey him. He has a wonderful life planned for each of us, but it will need to be on his terms as it should be. He’s the creator. He’s the sustainer. He has all of the say. I had to find this out the hard way in my life and I hope you won’t do the same. I became a Christian as a teen and was eager to know God better. At that point I was very shy and the risks I took seemed to mostly just affect me. It didn’t take long before God wanted me to reach out more to others and get out of my comfort zone. I got to the point where I just wasn’t willing to say yes to him any more. I wanted God and planned to serve him, but I wanted to do it my way. 

Outwardly I seemed to be the same old me. I continued to live my life, going to college, getting married, starting a family. But, inside I was hardening my heart toward God and noticing a growing emptiness in me. Anything spiritual began to feel like it was all my own effort. I worked very hard to show God that I wanted to follow him but it wasn’t connected to obeying and submitting to him. I found out the hard way he does not negotiate with us. 

Decades passed as life continued and the hole in my heart grew larger. I see now God was working on getting my attention. Finally it worked and I couldn’t take his absence any more. Whatever I needed to do, however it made me look to others, I just knew I had to get things right with God. I talked to my pastor’s wife and began reaching out to others for their help and support. My worries were that people would look down on me and judge me but I only found kindness and support. God had years of all sorts of wonderful learning in store for me as I learned more about who he is, who he made me to be, and what it meant to submit to him completely. 

Life has been so much better since I chose to completely submit to God. I still have bad days and trip up here and there. I have to make it a point to pray that God’s will would become my will and that I would love what he loves and hate what he hates. I still struggle to really have the same heart God does, but I know now it is me that will need to change, not him.

I am so relieved that God loves us too much to let us do whatever we please. He knows the end result of our stubborn disobedience is our separation from him, which grieves him so much. Choosing to obey God requires we often come to him and ask for his help in guarding our hearts and revealing what needs to be changed. Most importantly it means saying yes to God no matter what. He promises to walk with us every step of the way and will equip us to accomplish what he asks of us.