Push Through & Pray

The story behind PRAY and Push Through & PRAY collection

So, let’s start here…

God has commanded us to pray. He didn’t tell us to pray sometimes, when we feel like it, only when things are good or bad, instead…he told us to pray without ceasing. Sometimes we pray with confidence, sometimes it’s based on obligation, other times it’s out of formality.

So, these two shirts are a reminder to PRAY. Even when you don’t feel like praying, you must PUSH THROUGH AND PRAY. Often, people think just because you love Jesus you don’t have a hard time communicating with God or committing to specifically spending prayer time with God.

The reality is, we are all human and we all have emotions, feelings, etc. Our flesh is weak so sometimes we simply get discouraged, stop believing, get tempted, don’t make prayer a priority, and the list goes on…

In all of that we still must PRAY…always make sure that regardless of the circumstances or situations or how you feel at the moment, know that you must PUSH THROUGH AND PRAY.