Renee Kumaga

Name: Renee Kumaga

IG: Missreneeinspires

FB: Renee Ena Kumaga

  1. The closest I felt to God in my life was….(finish the sentence)

Whenever God saved me from a situation or accident, when I get a prophecy or confirmation, when I’m deep in worship or prayer.

  1. If you could thank God for just one incident in your life what would it be and why? 

I would say when I had my last car accident 5 years ago because I could’ve gone down a ditch and died.

  1. If you could name a turning point in your life with your relationship with God what would it be and why? 

2 and a half years ago when I ended my last serious relationship because it was extremely toxic, codependent and everything I had to let go of. That was when I began my true deep healing and got closer to God and started walking more in my purpose.

  1. What have you learned through your testimony?

That I must keep God at the center no matter what, and seek him before I make any of my day to day and life decisions.

  1. Did you face any mental barriers? If so, what were they and how did you overcome them? 

I definitely did. I experience periods of depression, but God brought me through because I was forced to be by myself and fully rely on him when friends and others couldn’t be there.

  1. What specific bible verse helped you through? 

It was quiet some time ago, so I honestly can’t recall at this time, but one scripture I currently hold on to is Mark 11:24.

  1. If there was one thing you would tell yourself 10 years ago what would it be? 

You are worth so much more than you could ever imagine. Love yourself most and keep your standards. Don’t settle ever!