You Testimony Is A Seed

You Testimony Is A Seed Campaign is to display the goodness of Jesus through telling your story. Everyone has a story to tell! We have all been through something, big or small that God has brought us through. As believers of Jesus Christ it is our duty to evangelize!

We are so grateful to have 20 amazing people who are willing to share their testimonies with the world in hopes to bless someone else. Sharing your testimony with others has many benefits:

  1. Assure others that they aren’t the only one going through something
  2. Show others what God has done for you, giving them hope that God can do the same for them
  3. The ability to share the gospel of Jesus Christ

These are just to name a few, the list could go on and one. During the campaign you will witness how God is a miracle worker and how He STILL can heal any sickness and disease, how He is the ultimate provider, how He may make you wait on something but it will be well worth it, and much more!

As I read through each testimony I was so grateful because God loves us so much and these testimonies are confirmation of that! He loves us so much!

We will be running this campaign twice per year. We would like to double the amount of testimonies we share the next time around. I cannot wait to see how lives will change during this campaign.

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