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The Story Behind The Brand

Motivate and inspire.

Motivat3me envisions a worldwide shift of positive vibes in a world that seems to be filled with chaos.

Motivat3Me is a brand that was created in 2019 by Brittany Yates, MBA. A master of business and a serial entrepreneur who’s passionate about uplifting and encouraging people to seek God through motivational messages.

From idea to conception overnight, Motivat3Me is an outreach ministry created to motivate and encourage others by spreading the good news through apparel. One midday afternoon, Brittany realized that each time she sold motivational t-shirts through her other businesses she would receive great feedback. Brittany immediately created a business name, logo, website, and social media page and Motivat3Me was born.

The name Motivat3Me is simple, and does what it says. The brand motivates you! The number 3 in Motivat3Me signifies the importance of 3 in the bible. Our signature shirt simply states, PRAY. Other Motivat3Me t-shirts have statements like, “Push through and Pray,” “Faith Moves Mountains,” and “Choose God.”

Motivat3Me offers more than apparel. Brittany wanted to inspire through more than just apparel. The brand also offers motivation through accessories, home goods, and is currently looking to expand the brand through other products.Many people need encouragement in a chaotic world and what better way to spread positive vibes than on items we see and use daily!

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Meet Our Founder

Hi! It’s me, Brittany Yates!

In short I am a serial entrepreneur, business enthusiast, and I love Jesus! I am a Minister, the owner of Motivat3Me and The Grind House.

I currently hold a Masters of Business Administration and I am pursuing a PhD in Organizational Leadership. Although I absolutely love all things business my main goal here is to spread the gospel to the masses.

Some of my favorite things to do is read (and tell) corny jokes, try new restaurants, travel, staycations, Netflix and chill, and anything family related. 

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